The Tarot Card Readings offered here are NOT meant to be predictions of any kind. Please use these readings as a Device to enhance your Awareness & Acceptance of what is happening in the moment within and around you.

These Tarot Card Readings are meant to help acquire a wholistic outlook and a more Conscious & Compassionate approach towards ourselves, situations, and people around us.

Remember the keyword here is ‘Playfulness‘. Enjoy…

:: Tarotscope ~ September 2018 ::

March 21st – April 19th

This is a month of change and transformation. You may experience inner urges to let go of some old behaviours and take up new ones. If you follow these urges, you’re sure to move ahead smoothly. Remember that life is full of ups and downs. It moves in cycles. If you’re facing outer challenges, you can still make the most of the situation by keeping an inner resolve to stay aware and grounded through it all. Times will change. Use any challenging situation as an opportunity to remain in awareness and consciously make way forward.

April 20th – May 20th

This is a month of celebration. You have been working hard towards your goals and the time has come to take a break and celebrate your achievements. Bask in the warmth of your friendships and create new memories. This is the time to go out and enjoy the company of others. Be social. There is harmony all around, be open to receive it. If you’re feeling creative, you may even join a new class or hobby. It will be good to work in groups and let your creativity flow.

May 21st – June 20th

This is a month to be extremely mindful of your actions. The tendency will be to use unfair means to gain advantage, betray the trust of others and run away from responsibility. But know, irrespective of your actions, you will be found out. Take a step back and review your motivations and actions. Ask yourself why you are feeling the need to cheat or betray someone? Maybe you just want to break free? This is a month where you may feel the desire of be selfish and think only for yourself. Be mindful of where your actions may take you. Use it as an opportunity to look within.

June 21st – July 22nd

Are you right at the completion of a desired task and facing challenges or setbacks? Don’t give up! This month you may be tested again and again. Know that you are being helped to build your inner resolve and courage. With that you can overcome any challenge that may come your way. See this challenging period as the dark just before dawn. There is light at the end of this tunnel – and the source of that light is YOU. Be strong and grounded through this period. You have worked hard to get here, this is not the time to give up on your goals and dreams. Success is yours if you can be resilient and tenacious.

July 23rd – August 22nd

This month may turn out to be challenging for you emotionally. Relationships may be tested and you may experience some emotional ups and downs. Know that pain can be a setting stone to a greater realisation of self. It may cloud your mind and heart initially, but being mindfully dealing with it can result in clarity of purpose. Take this month as an opportunity to relook at your relationships and become aware of the more subtle signs that may show you where you need to work. Allow yourself to move past the negativity and embrace all that is positive and growth-inducing. Don’t overlook or delay making difficult decisions. Sometimes, these can be the gateway to greater healing.

August 23rd – September 22nd

This month will turn out to be wonderful in all aspects. The Sun is shining down on you making your life radiant and abundant. This is not the time to hold back. Rather a moment to embrace life and all its offerings. You may have struggled to get here, but your strength and resilience has paid off. This is the upswing. Fearlessly ride the upward wave with confidence and enthusiasm. It is a time for increased energy, vitality and good health – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Enjoy!

September 23rd – October 22nd

This month may be a good time to stay on the back-foot. The tendency will be to become over-ambitious and getting your way, but it may come at the cost of hurting others and becoming a target to attack from others. Take a step back and reassess your situation. Ask for help. Turn to a trusted friend. Don’t give in to the temptation to block others out or isolate yourself. That may not help your situation at this point. Choose your battles wisely. Let go of conflict wherever you can. Trust that better solutions may be available in the near future. With the current energy, even if you win, it may turn out to be a hollow victory. Be mindful.

October 23rd – November 21st

This is the month to be creative. Perhaps a new venture, a new project or an outing into the Creative Arts is on the cards. Flow with this energy and let it burst forth from your Being. Take note of signs and synchronicities – it is the Universe talking and guiding you on. Even if some of your wishes and ideas seem bizarre initially, give in to them and allow the unexpected to surprise you. This is a good time to trust in your intuition and act on that hunch! If you have been dealing with a problem or a challenge for a while, this may be a good time to look for creative solutions for the same. Trust your inner urgings and follow through. You will not be disappointed.

November 22nd – December 21st

This is a month where you will be able to practice emotional maturity. Situations and challenges may show up where you need to be in control of your emotions and may also need to handle the emotions of those around you. This is an opportunity for tremendous growth and to harness your innate ability to be compassionate. Remember that in times of crisis, you may need to juggle between several roles and diffuse emotionally charged situations. You will be able to do it with relative ease. Your kind and caring nature will help to heal others and your own self.

December 22nd – January 20th

This is not a month of action. Rather a period of quiet reflection and seeing things from a different perspective. The tendency to take urgent action will be very high, but things may not turn out in your best interest. Stall any big decisions and re-evaluate. Trust that better and more favourable opportunities may show up in the near future. You may feel restricted and stuck in some area of your life. Is it your inherent need for control that is keeping you stuck? Reflect on this. Maybe using a more open-minded and open-hearted approach may help. A new reality IS possible. You only need to see it.

January 21st – February 18th

This is the time to take chances and “just go for it”. It may turn out to be a month of new beginnings. Things and situations are aligning themselves favourably in creative ways. This is not the time to sit and wait. This is the time to ACT. Listen to your heart – you have been getting the inspirations and the signs, the urgings to move ahead – NOW is the time to act on them. Follow the path that is unfolding before you. The Universe is on your side!

February 19th – March 20th

This month will give your ample opportunity to build you inner strength and the innate power to overcome any obstacle. This may mean you will be challenged and tested. But don’t worry, you have what it takes to get past all the blocks. You only need to tap into those reserves within. Inner strength isn’t necessarily like outer strength – where you flex your muscles and bang against the enemy. On the contrary, inner strength may look more like patience and compassion or forgiveness. By using that, you create a warm and nurturing environment around you, which helps heal not only yourself but others. Meditate on it. Allow yourself to explore what your inner strength really is.

About The Author

Shuchi, lovingly initiated into Sannyas as Ma Deva Kusum by Ma Baba, likes to believe she’s an initiate on the Path of Love.

In her outer life she has juggled the roles of an Advertising Professional, a Writer, a NGO-Worker and a Counselor. In her inner life, she’s learning the art of Love and Surrender with growing Awareness.

Being in Presence of the Master is changing and transforming her life in ways she could never have predicted. She wishes to use her gift of writing to spread words of her Master and share the experiences and mysteries that are unfolding in her life thanks to the Master’s Grace.