Namaste & Welcome _/\_

Namaste & Welcome to Meditation.WTF _/\_
The place to Learn & Share All About Meditation!

Meditation is at the very root of all conscious transformation. And we, at Meditation.WTF, strive to bring meditation to your doorstep. Meditation without a mediator. Meditation without dilution. Meditation without any strings attached ~  Meditation for You!

Meditation.WTF is currently in the process of preparing various Basic & Advanced ‘Online Diploma Courses In Meditation‘. You may choose to wait for the public announcement, which will happen once the first Online Meditation Course is ready for unveiling, OR, jump right in and feel the joy of being a co-creator by sharing your suggestions and feedback while the course building process is on!

All the basic ‘Online Meditation Courses’ offered by Meditation.WTF, as a gesture of love, will be made available absolutely FREE to the seekers worldwide.

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