Meditation Events & Retreats

Who Am I? ~ मैं कौन हूँ?
Zen: The Empty Mirror

Meditation is emptying your mind completely of all belief, ideology, concept, thought. Only in an empty mind, when there is no dust left on the mirror, truth reflects. That reflection is a benediction.” ~ Osho

The entry to this residential Zen Retreat, a foundational course in meditation, is Open To All those who feel they have done enough reading, talking and experimenting with some meditation technique or the other, and are now ready for a deeper understanding and a step-by-step Guidance.

The participants on the level of understanding will gain insights into how to cultivate detachment and be a Witness to the Actions, Indulgence of Senses, Thoughts and Emotions thus peeling off the layers of pseudo-self, and on the experiential level receive glimpses of the true-self in the silent stillness of meditation.

Song Of Silence ~ मौन संगीत
Zen: The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

Your very center of being is the center of cyclone. Whatever happens around it does not affect it. It is eternal silence: days come and go, years come and go, ages come and pass. Lives come and go, but the eternal silence of your being remains exactly the same – the same soundless music, the same fragrance of godliness, the same transcendence from all that is mortal, from all that is momentary.” ~ Osho

Sound Of Silence ~ मौन संगीत, this advanced residential Zen Retreat is the second in the series of Zen Retreats that impart Deeper & Secret Meditation Sutras to those who are ready and available to the step-by-step guidance on the inner journey.

This residential Zen Retreat imparts the Secret Key Of Meditation that opens the doorway that may otherwise take years and years of seeking and practice by yourself. The doorway to eternity, to the treasures unknown, to the million blessings…

Please Note:

This Zen Retreat (Sound Of Silence) is open only to those who have already attended the “Who Am I?” retreat.

The “Who Am I?” retreat is also conducted as a part time program at some of our Meditation Centers and will soon be available as an Online Course.

The Meditation Events and residential Zen Retreats as mentioned above (and lots more…) are conducted by Swami Akhil Saraswati & Ma Anand Divya, direct disciples of Osho ~ blessed to have lived at Osho’s lotus feet from a very early age, who are now helping, guiding and nurturing the seekers and fellow travelers from around the world for over 15 years.

This is an invitation to finally get on the boat you may have been waiting for, perhaps, many life times. Personal Guidance and the Zen Sticks that you receive here are found rarely…