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Swami Akhil Saraswati

You may now request for an Online and/or In Person appointment with Swami Akhil Saraswati to receive Life & Meditation Sutras.

Please Note: You can reserve the available time slots, and as soon as the appointment is Actually Approved, a SMS/ WhatsApp Confirmation and a Link (in case of Online Guidance) and Basic Instructions will be sent on the Phone Number provided by you in the booking form.

Please Also Note: Love, Meditation & Satsang are absolutely Free, it is now the Personal Time (which was also available for free for many years) that we would like to be valued, appreciated and taken more sincerely. So please Make A Contribution that You Feel is right ~ After The Meeting.

We are Excited about this New Offering, so, go ahead and Avail This Opportunity, take your pick from the options below: